Man Doing Mixed Martial Arts in the snow

Martial Arts Events Accident Medical

All participants are covered while participating in Policyholder sponsored and supervised boxing, kickboxing, or wrestling events. A participant is also covered while traveling, directly and without interruption, to and from any Policyholder sponsored activity and his or her home or place of residence.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Full Principal Sum for loss of life, Full Principal Sum for, double dismemberment, Full Principal Sum for, loss of sight of both eyes,50% of the Principal Sum for, loss of one hand, one foot, or sight of one eye, 25% of the Principal Sum for, loss of index finger and thumb, of same hand, "Member"means hand, foot, or eye., Loss of hand or foot means complete, severance above the wrist or, ankle joint. Loss of eye means the, total, permanent loss of sight. If, the Principal Sum is payable, no, indemnity will be paid for dismemberment. In any event, the Double Dismemberment Indemnity is the maximum amount payable under this Benefit for all loss.

MMA Events Liability Insurance Rates

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